Christmas Gift Guide for a 3 year old

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I am most definitely getting Livia this beautiful wooden kitchen despite the lack of space in our apartment. I believe every child should have one, I still remember cooking on my own little wooden kitchen as a child and I am pretty sure she'll love hers :)

I prefer shopping under one roof and as last year, most of the presents for Livia will be purchased from one of my favourite online stores Les Petits Raffineurs. They have pretty much everything for all age groups and I really like their wooden toys selection. I have my eyes on the wooden train track as well as the board game Ludo that comes in its own box, perfect for traveling!

Another brand I love shopping at is Elodie Details as they have the cutest accessories (you all remember Livia's bibs right?), decorations and I am obsessed with their nursery line! 

This summer we subscribed to a very cool app called ALMA studio and I have to tell you, Livia absolutely loves it! We use it for bedtimes  - the method is listening without image or animation on the screen. We sing the fabulous songs and listen to so many adventures the app offers. I won't tell you more, have a look for yourself and see whether this would be a fit for you and your family. 

Another idea could be subscribing to an interactive magazine like the one from Les Mini Mondes we receive every second month. Each time we travel to another country and have so much fun discovering new things. Again, check their website to find out more. 

Here are all the links to all the products listed in the guide for direct access. Hope this was helpful and you got a few ideas. There's no need to rush, you still have one month to go. xxx

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