Christmas gift guide for her

by - 14:07

Here comes a little gift guide for HER. I simply wrote it in a style of what I'd love to get, any of these products would make me happy. 

Blame it on the age, motherhood or maybe all the lockdown cooking but the number one gift I'd love to get is a KitchenAid mixer. It's been on my list for many years, I originally wished for it as a wedding gift but we decided to spend the money we got from our family and friends on honeymoon. So here I go again, all I want for Christmas is a KitchenAid :)

You might already have one yourself, so if you are not sure what to either wish for yourself or give to someone you love, I hope these few ideas will be helpful - you can always choose your own desired brand but the idea of the item might help you when shopping.

So let's dream big and get the list out there, we all deserve a bit of magic this Christmas ... it's been quite a year! xxx 

1- Acne studio wool scarf for cold winter days 2 - Valentino mini Visling bag, such beautiful and timeless piece 3- LOEWE dress for the holidays 4 - Dior escarpin J'Adior for every day of the year (love them!) 5 - Vanrycke necklace initial L for Livia 6- Cartier Love bracelet, I am including this also for our 10 year wedding anniversary in case I don't get one this Christmas haha 7- Chloé ankle boots for strolling around Paris 8- Acne Studios coat, love the colour! 9- Simone Pèréle silk nightie 10- Ideal of Sweden phone case on a strap 11-Dior belt 12- Saint Laurent knee-high boots   


1- Jo Malone diffuser and candles for the atmosphere at your home 2- Dyson AirWrap, really want to try this tool 3- Tom Ford for the best eye pencil and skin illuminator I absolutely love 4- Silk pillow case to protect your hair when sleeping 5- Too Faced concealer, the best I've tried 6- Sisley So wolume mascara, again the best I've tried 7- Louis Vuitton perfume Coeur battant absolute favourite since over a year now

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