Christmas gift guide for him

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Buying for men is not easy, I can only talk from my own experience but my hubby likes to choose the present himself. It's pretty difficult to surprise him although I was successful a few times, pfeewww! That's also one of the reasons we prefer buying each other presents in form of traveling or gastronomic experiences. But during this difficult Covid period, neither of the options are available so I've gathered a few ideas I think he might like ... well I'll be able to tell you after Christmas how it all went, but hopefully this could give you an idea or two of what to get HIM for this Christmas. PS: some other safe ideas could always be a great bottle of wine, his favourite chocolate or something to eat he really loves, quality underwear and warm socks, cashmere jumper or a jacket. Also a watch is a great idea but from experience, he must be the one choosing it or you must absolutely know what he wants. These items are just an inspiration for the actual object, so it's really up to your budget what brand you will go for at the end. xxx

1- Sweat Maison Kitsuné (I saw my brother-in-law wearing it the other day and thought it looked really cool on him) / 2- Helmut Newton book or any other book with desired topic, I absolutely love photography books / 3- Woollen scarf plus maybe a hat and gloves for colder days / 4- Anissa Kermiche candlestick / 5- Watch box for a watchlover who has a few at home, best would be personalising it the box with initials / 6- Anissa Kermiche love handles vase / 7- Photo Album from your holiday, or a special occasion, honeymoon etc or a beautifully framed photo / 8- Veja baskets / 9- Office chair for home-office, something super comfortable especially for nowadays when constantly working from home / 10- Tom Ford leather card holder / 11- Dior perfume, hubby's favourite is Ambre Nuit / 12- Sony headphones  wireless noise canceling headphones 

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