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I love a good burger and Brut is a place where I will gladly return. Situated in the second arrondissement, the restaurant is a bit hidden from the main street (which is not a bad thing in Paris). Their burgers are delicious! Long tables or little booths are perfect for eating with a group of friends and I really love their deco. There are some other delicious meals on the menu, but I kind of always find an excuse to order a burger with bacon of course. The only thing I miss are the fries (how spoiled right?), as Brut does potato wedges only. I advise you to make a reservation and if you know about another cool place for burgers, please do let me know. xx
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  1. Oh my goodness this place looks SO lovely....

  2. Greetings from Poland ! I love your blog :) Kasia

    1. Hello Kasia! Happy you like it! :)